Dawid Radziszewski

Early Polishness

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2017

Just a few hundred million years ago, Warsaw was covered in palm-like foliage. Certainly more impressive than the palm that stands at Rondo de Gaulle’a because it was actually real. Our capital was located closer to the equator, and where it wasn’t immersed in the sea it was overgrown by a tropical forest. The forest was inhabited by animals – even dinosaurs. In short, the capital of Poland was better o when Poland didn’t exist yet. This is a model of today’s Warsaw terrain from 200 mln years ago. There was a sub-tropical climate in our latitude back then. This sandy and swampy area was a habitat for pinewood trees, woody ferns, cycadaceae, ginkgo, horsetail, and various kinds of ferns. A small Compsognathus dinosaur wanders between them, the dragon flies are flying, and in the sand you can see bigger dinosaurs’ traces. All the elements of the model were designed and cut by hand by the artist.

The work was awarded The ING Polish Art Foundation prize.