Dawid Radziszewski

Adam Rzepecki
New Works

Adam Rzepecki (b. 1950) is known for his works that in a brilliant way speak about art’s most important matters. About what is true and what is false, about the status of an artist, about politics and about male-female relations. Adam usually avoided making a serious face, so he used to speak about serious problems without pretensions, often in a playful way. I noticed, however, that his art has been getting less and less humorous for some time now. His lost love, hospital stay, alcohol problems and resulting abstinence, and other personal themes began to appear in his works more often. At the exhibition, we present a series of sculptures made of cardboard painted with black paint. They are in fact not actual sculptures, but rather notes from Adam’s life gathered on the gallery floor. After years of humor and participation in all the exhibitions of Łódź Kaliska, it is now time for something serious. In every joke there is a bit of a joke, says the Russian proverb, although it may not be Russian at all.