Dawid Radziszewski

Krzysztof Mężyk

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2014

Three years after our first meeting in the studio at one of Krakow’s distant housing estates the time has come to make an exhibition.
Krzysztof paints abstract pictures. What is extremely important for him is the process of creating the work, almost on par with the result. Texture is thick, different stages of the work development are clearly visible. I think of these paintings as something basic, primordial matter, from which later the world precipitated. The structure of his images is deeply considered, assigned to an internal logic and dramatury. Krzysztof determines the program of his works as derived from twentieth-century philosophy, the concept of Qualia – trying to capture the moment before the contour, color and sound will become understandable. Krzysiek’s paintings do not have a climax. There are many- usually equivalent – stories being told.
The exhibition presents a monumental triptych, prepared specifically for the gallery space.