ART BASEL 2019, Basel


Katarzyna Przezwańska
Untitled, 2019
60 x 60 x 520 cm

acrylic paint, aluminum, aluminum foil, anty-slide mat, balsa wood, batteries, cardboard, ceiling board, cellulose wool, chia seeds, coriander seeds, cork, cork-rubber board, corrugated cardboard, crepe paper, cyanoacrylate adhesive, digital print, doormat, elastic clinker glitter, gold leaf, HDF board, honeycomb cardboard insert, hot glue, LED, matches, MDF board, mineral wool, mosquito net, nail polish, neodymium magnets, oakum, OSB board, painting tape, paper, pepper, pigment, pins, plywood, polyurethane foam, polyurethane sponge, pressed polyurethane, resol foam, sealing glue, spray adhesive, styrodur, styrofoam, technical felt, threads, toilet paper, toothpicks, Vicol, wood wool, wood varnish, wrapping paper

The project by Katarzyna Przezwańska consists of a pillar lying on the ground depicting a scale model of the layers of earth 260 meters under the Art Basel fair hall, dating back to around 30 million years ago. At the top of the column, a mockup of the Statements section is placed along with all the artworks shown at the galleries' booths. The work is a reflection of the artist's interest in natural history combined with the realities of the art world in which both artists and gallerists like ants work together building their own microworld. In the project for Art Basel, Przezwańska, on the one hand, talks about the fact that the art world was built on a strong foundation of the past and, on the other hand, about the short history of our time in comparison with the geological time.

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ART BASEL 2019, Basel
ART BASEL 2019, Basel
ART BASEL 2019, Basel

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